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Modern Technology: Is it Helpful or Discreetly Harmful?

n610i-technology-waveEverywhere we go and everywhere we look, we can’t deny that technology is being used in almost everything. We are now living in the age where the impossible before is now reachable by our own hands. I’m sure most of you already know this but what’s being issued with technology nowadays are becoming worse and worse. Let me give you a brief example. In ancient times, people were already satisfied by just having a place to sleep, a food for their crumbing stomach and some clothes to protect their backs from cold. No matter how we see this fact, we’re sure they have all the basic things they need aside from money. While today, people already have wonderful houses, food that they can get anywhere (like fast food chains) and a walking closet full of various and magnificent clothes, and yes with a LOT of money. Sure this is a great change, but what do ancient people have before that we don’t have today? It’s the thing called satisfaction.

The fear of many today is that technology is slowly taking over our lives. Like when we are surely capable of working in a factory but not today since high-tech machineries are the ideal factory workers now. People feared that the continues innovation of technology to make our lives easy and convenient is actually leading us into a bigger destruction where children will no longer see the beauty of simple living and the next generation  will no longer be purely human life but robots and artificial intelligence as well. Actually, robots and artificial intelligence is already here and what most people feared about is undeniably already all around us.

Technology is upon us now and we know it. The truth is, technology isn’t harmful. What triggers our never ending dissatisfaction is the one we called human nature. It’s in our blood to be unsatisfied, which is why we came from living like ancient people to what we are now. We are meant to excel and improve and that’s one of the things we have that robots and other technologies technologydon’t. Our nature is to improve continuously and have the best life as we can. Sure, I totally agree that it is somewhat scary to think that mighty robots and artificial intelligence could take over us, but what is there to be afraid of when we also excel in our own way? We humans have our own ways to survive no matter where we are and what is there to beat, if we created machines, there’s no way machines could create something like humans. The point is; technology is human creation and it could never create something like what created it. It’s like; we’re created by God so none of us is capable of creating someone like God and if you see the big difference between God and human in that statement, then you could also see the difference between technology and human like us.

Technology is not harmful, it is created to help us and the ones created it are also human like us. You and I are capable of controlling and taking advantage to technology no matter how much we like since it’s there to improve our lives and that includes creating wonderful houses, building food production companies and produce many clothes for our own convenience. I believe that technology will never be above us though it is true that we’re now dependent on it, but as long as people continue to excel and innovate technology, then that also means we are also becoming more and more intelligent to maintain our world and our own selves.